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Wouldn’t it be unusual to choose a credit card because of what it doesn’t have?

Introducing the Home Trust Preferred Visa* with 1% CashBack

It doesn't stop there.

The benefits of a Home Trust Preferred Visa include a range of other features that add great value all year round - whether you're shopping, travelling or looking for special offers.

Apply for your Home Trust Preferred Visa with CashBack today, and say goodbye to everything you don’t want, like annual fees and cash back limits or restrictions.

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*Visa Int./Home Trust Company, licensed user of mark.
1Cash advances, balance transfers, interest and fees are not eligible for CashBack Rewards.
2Purchase Security insurance is underwritten by Royal Sun & Alliance Company of Canada. Complete terms and conditions, are outlined in the Certificate of Insurance provided with your card.
3The Visa Collision/Loss Damage Insurance program is underwritten by Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada and is provided by a group policy issued to Visa Canada Association. Complete terms and conditions, including exclusions and limitations, are outlined in the Certificate of Insurance provided with your card.
4Health and Legal Assistance services are provided by Sigma Assistel Inc. Additional coverage information is outlined in the Cardholder Agreement provided with your card.
5Certain restrictions, limitations and exclusions apply. The Visa Zero Liability policy protects Visa cardholders who have a Canadian issued Visa card and experience fraud through unauthorized use of their card. Visit for more information.