Educational blogs and podcasts financial professionals shouldn’t miss

Welcome back to Beyond the Rate. In last month’s edition, we suggested resources to help you deliver exceptional service for your clients. This month, we’re sharing educational resources that can help you keep informed of the latest investment news. There is no time like the present to hone your professional skills with the thought leadership that can be found in certain blogs and podcasts.

Finance blogs that won’t bore you

There are nearly countless blogs for those seeking personal finance advice, but they are not all created equal. Even consumer-facing finance blogs can provide you with a different perspective as you work with your clients to develop sound financial strategies. For example, Canada’s Financial Literacy blog is focused mainly on consumer education. However, the blog also features guest posts from mortgage experts, money coaches and payroll experts from whom even experienced financial professionals can learn a thing or two.

Abnormal Returns says it brings “the best of the finance and investment blogosphere to its readers with advice and information explicitly geared toward finance and investment professionals.” There is sure to be something to give you pause for thought with articles on everything from thematic investing to anticipating market corrections and scaling happiness.

Focusing predominantly on issues that face Canadian small business owners, Susan Ward offers advice and information that can help you grow your business. Recent posts include topics such as marketing and sales, identifying a niche market and understanding business taxes in Canada.

Podcasts worth a listen

While commuting to and from the office isn’t taking up time for many of us these days, there are still plenty of opportunities to use downtime to catch up on the latest finance and investment news. Podcasts are a great way to stay engaged in market trends, without having to dedicate your undivided attention as you would when reading a book or a blog.

Because Money, a podcast hosted by two financial planners and a scientist, talks about money issues that are specific to Canadians. Because Money is currently on hiatus, but they are expected back this fall, and there are six seasons of archives to tide you over until they return.

The Globe and Mail features Rob Carrick’s Retirementality that delves into topics like TFSAs, reverse mortgages, and why some people hate RRSPs. You can tune in for yourself to hear another professional’s view on the Canadian investment landscape, and you can direct your clients to specific episodes to help reinforce your financial advice. Carrick also hosts YouTube series, Carrick Talks Money, for those who might prefer a video element.

For advice that is related to building your career, consider tuning into The Business Leadership podcast for conversations with top business leaders in Canada. The tips and tricks you learn from this podcast can help you grow your business for years to come.

Please feel free to share some of your favourite blogs and podcasts with your Business Development Manager. We’d love to add your recommendation to a future post, and we have more helpful advice for financial professionals on the way. Please stay tuned for the next edition of Beyond the Rate!

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