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Term Posted rate1
1 Year fixed 2.69%
2 Year fixed 2.94%
3 Year fixed 3.45%
4 Year fixed 4.09%
5 Year fixed 4.79%

1These posted rates are provided for reference only and are not guaranteed for any particular transaction, including renewals. Interest rates are calculated semi-annually, not in advance. Interest rates, terms and products are subject to Home Trust’s credit granting criteria and may change at any time without notice.

Some conditions apply. For details on how you can obtain the best rate, please contact your broker.

How to

Purchase your property

Depending on the mortgage product, your property type and your location, we lend up to 80%

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Refinance your property

If your mortgage is closed and you refinance before your renewal date, you may face a penalty. However, it may still be worthwhile to refinance.

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Renew your mortgage

Concerned about interest rates? Renew early and lock in with our
30-day rate guarantee.

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Costs to consider

When purchasing or refinancing a property, you may incur some or all of the following costs….

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