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Our top finance-related blogs of 2021

Looking back at 2021, we created dozens of blog posts that covered a range of topics from how to rebuild your credit to the value of a mortgage broker. Based on the overwhelming popularity of these blogs, we curated a list of the best of the best in this post. Interested in which finance- and mortgage-related blogs made our top five list? Read below to find out!

1. Rebuilding your credit.

In this post, we examined the differences between unsecured and secured credit cards and explored ways to qualify for credit when you have past credit issues. One way is by using a secured credit card. A Home Trust Secured Visa is a great way to help rebuild your credit and get back on the road to financial freedom.

To learn more about rebuilding your credit, read this blog in its entirety: Road to Better Credit: Rebuilding your credit history

2. Establishing credit history in Canada.

If you’re new to the country, you probably haven’t established much of a credit history. It’s beneficial for new Canadians to establish a credit history to make it easier to make large purchases like a new car or your first home.

This blog post looks at three actions you can take to start establishing credit in Canada: Learn how you can establish a credit history in Canada

3. When your financial circumstances change.

In a fast-moving housing market, would-be buyers may consider waiving financial conditions on their purchase offers. However, what happens if your financial circumstances change during the process?

In our blog post “What happens if you lose your job before closing?”, we explore a real life example of a couple dealing with an unexpected job loss, and how their mortgage broker was able to help.

4. The value of a real estate appraiser.

A real estate appraisal is an important part of the home buying process. In many cases, a home appraisal is simply one of the items on the checklist when closing a sale, but a real estate appraiser provides an expert, unbiased opinion of the value of the property for financing purposes ensuring that the mortgage amount and appraised value align.

Learn more about the value a real estate appraiser brings and the role they play in your home buying and/or selling journey: The value of a real estate appraiser

5. Making a down payment on your first home.

Buying your first home can be overwhelming. Not only is it the largest purchase you will likely make in your life, but there are a number of things that need to be done before you are handed the keys, making the process stressful.

One of the steps you need to take is verifying the source of your down payment, which typically falls into one of three categories.

This blog post, originally posted in 2019 is still one of our most popular and made our top five list for 2021. You can read it here: Demonstrating the source of your down payment

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