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Seven reasons why we love Canada

Canada Day is a great opportunity for us to reflect on what it means to be part of this country.

As this year also marks Canada’s 155th birthday, we asked Home Trust employees to share what they love about this country and compiled the top seven reasons that really stood out.

Without further ado, here are the top reasons why we love Canada.

1. We love Canada because of its magnificent wildlife.

Canada is known around the world for its rich biodiversity and abundance of unique wildlife – and many Home Trust employees are saying that the country’s amazing wildlife is one big reason they love Canada.

“I love Canada because I can experience wildlife living freely, including bears and moose,” says one employee, while another praises the beaver as the country’s national animal.

“When you really think about how amazing beavers are, creating whole ecosystems just from their hard work alone, you realize that they are incredible creatures to represent your country.”

2. We love Canada because of its breathtaking natural beauty.

Canada is filled with breathtaking natural beauty, from peaceful lakes and forests to soaring mountains and wild oceans, so it isn’t surprising that many Home Trust employees are proud of our landscapes.

“I love Canada for its majestic scenery, from the Rockies to the East Coast and Georgian Bay in between,” says one Home Trust employee.

“Canada has so many beautiful places to see, and I have still not seen everything – you need a lifetime to enjoy all the places in Canada,” says another.

3. We love Canada because of its incredible diversity.

Canada is a rich mosaic of people from different cultures, beliefs and backgrounds – and many Home Trust employees express pride in the country’s commitment to inclusion and diversity.

“The very best part of being Canadian isn’t about being born here, it’s about building a better Canada for everyone, by being encouraged to incorporate your customs, your traditions, your food and your faith,” says one Home Trust employee. “Our strength as a nation is in our ability to accept one another for who we are, not where we started. When you’re here, you’re Canadian – no assimilation required.”

4. We love Canada because of its awesome music.

Canada’s music scene reflects the country’s diversity of talent and influences, and Canadian musicians are famous across the globe.

“I love Canada for the music,” says one Home Trust employee. “From Gordon Lightfoot and Joni Mitchell to Rush, The Tragically Hip and Blue Rodeo and all the way to Justin Bieber, the Weeknd and Drake. We can be immensely proud of the musical legacy of our country.”

5. We love Canada because of its delicious food.

From iconic dishes like poutine to refreshing cocktails like the Caesar, Canada serves up some truly amazing food.

“From maple syrup to Beavertails, my favourite part about Canada is being able to enjoy the different kinds of food our country offers,” says a Home Trust employee.

6. We love Canada because it is a land of countless opportunities.

Everyone who calls Canada home has the opportunity to grow and reach their full potential. In fact, this is a big reason why many Home Trust employees say they love Canada.

“I love Canada because it is a country of opportunities,” says one Home Trust employee. “The sky is the limit and whatever your dream is personally or professionally can be accomplished.”

“I have the opportunity to work, be independent, have a voice and look forward to a future for myself and my family,” says another.

7. We love Canada because of its wonderful people.

Lastly, Home Trust employees say that the well-deserved reputation of Canadians for being friendly, tolerant and polite is one of the leading reasons they love Canada.

“Canadians are easily the friendliest, nicest and most polite people on Earth,” says one Home Trust employee.

“It’s beautiful to see the country come together, whether it’s helping others, rooting for the Raptors or helping others recover from a disaster,” says another employee. “It’s part of what makes us Canadian.”

At Home Trust, we believe that the opportunity to dream big is within the reach of everyone who calls Canada home – whether you’re buying your first home, becoming your own boss or starting a new chapter. Learn more about us by visiting hometrust.ca/about/our-story.

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