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Tackling financial literacy, one lesson at a time

This year, the Government of Canada announced their commitment to a five-year National Financial Literacy Strategy to “create a more accessible, inclusive, and effective financial literacy ecosystem for all Canadians”. This marks an important step forward to ensuring Canadians are equipped with the tools and resources to build financial resiliency, and Home Trust applauds this initiative, as we believe that informed Canadians can make better decisions for themselves and their families.

As part of November’s Financial Literacy Month, we’re looking back at some of the top viewed financial literacy blog posts we’ve shared over the past couple of years as a reminder that financial literacy is a big part of lifelong learning and can prove invaluable at every stage of your life.

Starting with the basics

Nowhere does the concept of lifelong learning resonate more than when talking about an individual’s financial wellbeing. This blog post discusses the basics of financial literacy.

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Dealing with a job loss

There’s a time in almost everyone’s life where they experience a job loss or decreased income. Having a rainy day plan to get you over the hurdle can make a difficult situation a little easier and your financial future bright.

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Building a life together

There’s nothing more exciting than choosing to share your life with someone. Before you move in together, there are things you should consider when it comes to merging your finances.

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Empowering your children

Teaching kids about money and the importance of saving starts at the kitchen table. There are simple, teachable moments about money that can start people down a better path.

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