Why should financial advisors focus on offering an amazing customer experience?

One of the core values we hold dear at Home Trust is “amaze them every time.” It governs the way we work together and provides a guiding light for the service we provide to our customers. Outstanding customer service is a key component of the customer experience, and it’s one of the ways financial professionals can set themselves apart.

So-called “Robo Advisers” have grown in popularity, particularly among younger investors, but highly personalized advice for any stage of life is something only a trusted professional adviser can provide. Of course, you know better than anyone what might work best for your clients, but here are some thought-starters to help you deliver an excellent experience for your clients.

Focus on personalized service

Personalized service is more than just delivering financial documents on time or making sure that you have your client’s info on hand before picking up the phone. Consider what we are learning during the period of physical distancing due to COVID-19. Yes, real-time discussions are valuable, and even required sometimes. Part of delivering personalized service is knowing which clients like to have an in-person meeting, and which ones prefer to have an email exchange or a video conference session whenever possible to get things done.

Ask for feedback

It’s hard to know how your clients feel about the service you provide unless you ask. There are sophisticated tools you can use to collect and analyze client feedback; however, it needn’t be such an elaborate process. Low-stakes ways to ask for feedback include an invite in your email signature for clients to leave reviews on Google or including a yes/no question in the footer of any email correspondences you send to your clients.

Understanding the needs of your clients and then aligning your business strategy to those needs is crucial in delivering an exceptional client experience. Asking for feedback allows you to understand your clients’ likes and dislikes, and it sets you on a path for continuous improvement. Gathering this feedback can give you the information you need to amaze your clients every time.

Turn to technology for support

As a financial professional, your days are busy, but it’s important to remember that your clients are busy too. The personalized service you provide is a key differentiator between a financial professional and an online investment tool, but that personal interaction can take on many different forms. We shared in an earlier post that there are many online tools available to help you manage your business while taking care of your clients’ financial needs.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Beyond the Rate, where we’ll help you learn more about the tools that you can use to deliver a memorable experience for your customers.

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