We offer a Digital Security Guarantee: if an Unauthorized Transaction is conducted through Our Digital Platforms, we will reimburse you for any direct resulting losses to your Accounts accessible through Our Digital Platforms, provided that you have complied with your obligations under Our Digital Banking Access Agreement (including the Security Obligations detailed below).

An “Unauthorized Transaction” is a transaction carried out in your Oaken or Home Trust Account through Our Digital Platforms without your permission, authorization or knowledge and where it can be established that you are a victim of fraud, theft or coercion.

All transactions conducted by you, or by someone you have provided your Login Details to, are final, complete and binding on you. We will not reverse nor will we reimburse or compensate you for any such transactions.

Definitions for all capitalized terms not defined here can be found in our Digital Banking Access Agreement.

Your Security Obligations

As detailed in our Digital Banking Access Agreement, you must keep your Login Details confidential. You will:
  • not disclose your Login Details to any other person;
  • memorize your Login Details and keep them confidential;
  • take all reasonable precautions to ensure no one else sees or learns your Login Details;
  • not store your Login Details (other than your biometric information) on your Device;
  • create a strong Password and avoid one that can be easily guessed;
  • avoid any Passwords that you are using for other accounts, profiles, products or services;
  • keep any Devices used to access Our Digital Platforms locked when not in use;
  • not respond to any pop ups, emails, text messages or other requests for your Login Details, even if such messages appear to be from us;
  • maintain up-to-date anti-virus programs, anti-spyware programs and a firewall on any Device used to access Our Digital Platforms;
  • frequently monitor your statements and/or transactions; and
  • ensure that you log out at the end of each of your sessions on Our Digital Platforms.
You must notify us immediately upon learning of any of the following:
  • your Login Details are lost or stolen, or were disclosed to, or obtained by, anyone else or may be known by anyone else;
  • any suspicious, unusual or fraudulent activity concerning your Account;
  • any suspicious activity on your personal Device, personal information, or of email account compromises; or
  • the loss, theft, or misuse of a Device that you registered with us.
To notify us, contact us at:
Home Digital: 1-877-903-2133 or inquiry.htc@hometrust.ca.

Oaken Digital: 1-855-OAKEN-22 (625-3622) or fraud@oaken.com.

You agree not to use Our Digital Platforms for any illegal, fraudulent, misleading or improper purpose, or to do anything that could have a negative impact on, interfere with, compromise, or alter the security, integrity, speed or functioning of our systems including Our Digital Platforms or that could allow unauthorized access to our systems. When accessing Our Digital Platforms, you should do so from your own device and avoid use of open Wi-Fi services.

Text messages, push notifications and email communications from Our Digital Platforms are not encrypted. Our Digital Platforms mask your Account numbers, but information about you, your Account or Account activity may be included in text messages or email communications. Anyone with access to your Device can view the content of these messages.

Together, we can keep your information safe and secure.