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How to create the perfect urban garden for your home

Friends creating an urban garden

It seems avid gardeners have a secret they have been keeping from the rest of us: gardening is good for your health and can help you manage stress. But not everybody has enough space for a big vegetable garden in their backyard or balcony. If you’re looking for ways to get the health benefits of gardening but don’t have the space, we have some ideas to help you create the perfect urban garden at home.

4 gardening ideas for small spaces

In addition to providing fresh herbs, flowers or vegetables for your dinner table, an urban garden can help brighten up any space without costing a lot of money. You can create an urban garden that fits into any home as long as you have adequate lighting, some space, and a bit of a green thumb.

Tabletop gardens

tabletop garden on deck

If you have enough room for a patio set, you have enough room for a tabletop garden. Whether it is built right into a custom table like the one featured here or it sits in a separate box, tabletop gardens provide an excellent environment for growing leafy greens like Boston lettuce or swiss chard. You could even liven up your salads with a few homegrown radishes.

Container gardens

container garden

If you don’t have enough room for a patio set, but you have a balcony, you might consider container gardening. Barrels, buckets and pots can all work as part of your container garden as long as they have adequate drainage. In addition to the leafy greens listed above, vegetables like tomatoes, eggplant and peppers all fare well in container gardening pots.

Vertical gardens

vertical garden hanging on a wall

Any indoor or outdoor vertical space can be transformed into a vertical garden. For an indoor garden, herbs are a good choice, and they can be handy when you need them while cooking at home. With an outdoor vertical garden, there are more gardening possibilities like beans, miniature onions and baby cucumbers.

Windowsill gardens

windowsill garden with greenery

For some, the creation of the perfect urban garden means finding a way to grow a garden without any outdoor space at all. In this case, a windowsill garden is more than just the only choice – it’s a great idea! Windowsill gardens can provide fresh herbs at any time of year, plus you can grow leaf lettuce and even green onions in the tiniest of spaces.

Consider community gardens

For those who have really caught the gardening bug, a small space garden may not be enough to get your green on. In that case, you may want to consider looking into community gardens in your local municipality. Community gardens provide an opportunity to meet other people while possibly making a valuable contribution to the food supply in your local area.

Get more out of life at home

As physical distancing measures are still in place in many parts of Canada, many of us are spending more time in our homes and looking for little touches to make our homes more comfortable. Urban gardens bring the aesthetic benefits of green space to almost any home while providing an enjoyable way to spend time together and maybe even a healthy contribution to mealtime.

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