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How to maximize a small condo for hosting overnight guests

While it’s fairly easy to adapt to having friends and family over to spend a night or two, it can pose a challenge if you live in a smaller space such as a condo apartment and plan to host guests for extended or frequent periods. But with the right preparation, there’s no reason your guests can’t have a comfortable and enjoyable stay, no matter the length of their visit.

And if you have enough equity in your condo, an easy and effective solution for getting the funds to help you prepare your condo for guests is by applying for financing that is secured against the value of your home.

For example, Home Trust offers the Equityline Visa, which is a credit card secured by a mortgage against your property that offers competitive rates and convenient access. You can use your Equityline Visa up to your credit limit to pay for furniture, appliances, painting or redecorating.

With this in mind, here are some strategies that can help you maximize your smaller condo space for hosting guests overnight.

Consider investing in multi-functional furniture.

Because your space is limited, consider buying furniture that can be used for different purposes, such as sofa beds or ottomans that can double as storage (Murphy beds are also great as “hideaway” furniture). You can also shop around for modular furnishings that can be adjusted to fit any space and serve any function.

Think about using neutral colour schemes.

Muted neutral colours such as gray, cream, beige or brown can make a room feel bigger and uncluttered, so think about using these colours on the walls of the room your guests will be staying in.

Play around with where your light is positioned.

Light plays a big part in how a room is used, and where your light sources are located can really transform your space. Having a lamp next to where your guests will be sleeping, for example, will allow them to read books and documents without the need for a separate work desk. So, playing around with your lighting has the potential to really bolster a smaller space.  

Clear some space for luggage or suitcases.

Your guests will likely bring along some luggage and will need a place to store and access it. While the easiest way to do this is simply clearing some space on your floor, consider buying a folding luggage rack that can be tucked away in a closet when your guests leave.

Add some towel racks and clothing hooks in your bathroom.

A well-equipped bathroom will ideally have extra hooks and racks where guests can dry their towels and hang their clothes while showering. While some hooks behind your bathroom door may work in a pinch, think about installing an extra towel rack or even a shelf with hooks above your toilet.

With your Home Trust Equityline Visa, your condo will be ready to welcome friends or family for a memorable stay. Learn more by visiting our Equityline Visa web page.

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